Figma to WordPress LP page

This Client needed a Lead Generation Website.  He find me on Fiverr. This Website is mainly Digital Marketing Agency Website. I used Figma ,WordPress and Elementor Pro to build this website.


20 May 2023


Figma to WordPress landing page


Business, WordPress



During the analysis phase, I thoroughly examine the project requirements, objectives, and target audience.  I conduct market research and competitor analysis to gain insights into the industry landscape. By understanding the client’s goals and user expectations, I lay a solid foundation for the project and ensure it aligns with their vision.



In the ideation phase, I brainstorm creative concepts and solutions based on the insights gathered from the analysis. We collaborates each other  to generate innovative ideas that effectively address the client’s needs. I encourage open communication and welcome client input to ensure that their vision is integrated into the final outcome.

All device View Fixed. (Responsive Design)


Sketch and Prototyping

Once I have a clear direction from the ideation phase, I move on to sketching and prototyping. Here, I translate ideas into tangible designs. Using digital tools like FIGMA; ADOBE XD & SKETCH, I create rough sketches and wireframes to outline the website’s layout and structure. This stage allows us to quickly iterate and refine the design before moving into the development phase.



Validation is a crucial step in the design process. I test the prototypes with real users to gather feedback and ensure that the design meets their needs and expectations. Through usability testing and user feedback sessions, I identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments. This iterative process of validation helps us create a user-centric website that delivers a seamless and engaging experience.

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