The poll-based app has become popular among teens in recent months, allowing friends to share compliments with each other. The app is designed for anonymous compliments and positive affirmations or, as kids say, gassing your friends up. You can also save money and earn cash back when you set up a Pay with GasBuddy account. It’ll issue you a debit-like card that you’ll need to link up to a checking account. The company says you can save up to 25 cents a gallon when you activate deal alerts in the app and pay with your GasBuddy card at the pump. Cash back is automatically redeemed — in the form of a discount — when you pay with the card.

He founded WinRumors, a site dedicated to Microsoft news, before joining The Verge in 2012. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. Jordan also warns against free indoor thermometer app a portion of the app that charges money. We are continually responding to members’ needs with regular new additions. In App EXCLUSIVE deals / offers we have negotiated for our members.

Other ways to save at the pump

Gas app users can log on and compliment, or “gas up,” their friends. Users take a series of polls about their friends, with questions ranging from thoughtful to flirty. To find the best options, NerdWallet considered apps with at least 4.1 stars out of 5 and 500 reviews in Google Play and the iOS App Store, and those created independent of any major gas station chains. Gas overtook TikTok and BeReal as the most downloaded app on the Apple App Store in October 2022[3] (the app is currently not available for Android).

For instance, you have to pay for hints that help you see who sent the message. I am hopeful that in the future there will be a way to get free hints by doing things like inviting friends, watching ads, completing surveys, etc. I also wish that there was an annual Gas plan rather then just a weekly $6.99 plan. Other then that, this is an amazing app I would highly recommended. Most of the major chains also have loyalty programs that can help you save on gas, so if you’re a regular at Royal Farms, Speedway, Exxon or somewhere else, try their apps too. A gas credit card is another way to earn rewards at every refuel.

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Sellers talked with Stuyvesant High School students in New York who reported positive interactions with the app and shared examples of compliments they have received. / Sign up for Verge Deals to get deals on products we’ve tested sent to your inbox daily. Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us.

Gas’ small team (just four people, according to Nikita Bier in October) will be joining Discord and keeping the app running. The Wall Street Journal previously named Gas the “hottest app right now” in October after it toppled TikTok and other popular social apps in Apple’s App Store charts. While Discord is popular among teens, it will likely be looking toward the Gas team to provide ideas for how to improve its own app <--more--> and reach new communities. Gas has polls that ask users to vote for things like the most beautiful person they’ve met or the classmate that isn’t afraid to get in trouble. It has soared in popularity among high schoolers since launching in August. The average gas price in the U.S. has leveled off from the June 2022 peak when the national average hit more than $5 a gallon, but it’s still costly to get around by car.

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Use the app to also track maintenance, registration and other vehicle-related fees to calculate the total cost of car ownership. Drivvo is free to use and doesn’t require an account to get started. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. “While Gas isn’t nearly as dangerous as other apps we’ve reviewed lately, it has its share of issues,” she tells “The app prompts you to add your contacts from your phone, and if you choose to, you can then see all kinds of people in randomly generated polls, which could get messy.”

You’ll need a minimum balance of $20 to cash out, and when you do, it’ll put a check in the mail — old school, but tried and true. Apps like Upside and GasBuddy are ideal for anyone who spends lots of time on the road, especially gig workers who log miles driving people, packages or groceries around. Bier said the hint function is the only way the company monetizes the app, and “we actually encourage teens not to use it. Because it’s more fun when it’s a mystery.” Ant is dedicated to ensuring our app continues to evolve and be the best it can be for our ever-growing membership. Our app is consistently supported and updated, ensuring you get the best product available and the tools you need to do a first class job. By Tom Warren, a senior editor covering Microsoft, PC gaming, console, and tech.

New social media app has teens sending only positive messages

“For example, you can see the first letter of the name of someone who voted for you or you can get notified whenever someone adds your name to a new poll.” “We don’t allow messaging of any kind (and) we don’t have any advertising or tracking,” he says. “We’ve really wanted to create a safe place for teens to share what they love about each other and I think we’ve really accomplished that with Gas.” “The distinction with Gas is that we author all the content so that you’re answering polls that are generally uplifting and positive, and that’s kind of the aim of the product,” Bier says. Bier says people have drawn comparisons to other anonymous apps that are plagued by bullying. NBC News correspondent Savannah Sellers reports on TODAY that 1 in 3 teens are using the app and more than 1 billion compliments have been shared, according to Gas app founder Nikita Bier.

The app has over 5.1 million downloads as of early November 2022,[1] over a million active users and 300 thousand daily downloads as of October 2022. Currently, the app is available in Canada and the majority of the United States. And when it’s time to hit the road, don’t discount simple DIY methods to make a gallon of gas go further, like lightening that lead foot of yours — no download or login required.

Teens love the anonymous new Gas app: Here’s what parents should know

It might be time to download GasBuddy, Upside or a similar fuel-centric app. While there’s no silver bullet to supreme savings on this global commodity, a gas app can help you pinch pennies. Discord hasn’t disclosed the terms of its Gas acquisition, but it’s clearly part of a broader and continued effort to target communities and users outside of just gaming. Discord raised $100 million in 2020 with a big plan to expand beyond the gaming community, and the company has been targeting non-gaming creators and communities ever since. That’s resulted in a bigger focus on apps and bots, YouTube integration, a $2.99 Nitro Basic subscription, and even the ability for Discord users to monetize their servers. For the most accurate mpg, you’ll need to look up the capacity of your car’s gas tank and fill it to the top the first two times you enter refueling information.

This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. Jordan says parents know their kids best, and to proceed using caution, just like with all social apps. The Bark Technologies executive says this feature could potentially get more kids hooked on the app, and “may lead to them spending more and more money and time on it.” “Gas features a subscription upgrade called ‘God Mode’ that unlocks features that will reveal extra information in polls,” she says.

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This app has been blowing up at my school because it allows you to send compliments/little messages to those around you. For instance, one prompt may say “the perfect balance” of sweet and spicy and will allow you to choose between different people. It will then alert that person will “you received a message from a girl, you received a message from indoor room thermometer app for ios a guy, or you received a message from someone”. This app is a great conversation starter as it gets people thinking and sparks conversations. I will admit, there are times where I get a message and put on my detective goggles trying to guess who sent it. I believe this app is amazing but there are a few changes I would like to see in the future.

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